Hair Replacement Systems

Non-surgical hair replacement systems have become the #1 choice by men losing their hair.  They provide a natural look and feel of your own hair, giving you the confidence you desire without any of the pain or high costs of hair graft surgery.

Hair Replacements by George Gordiany offers the finest selection of non-surgical hair replacement alternatives available anywhere. The revolutionary hair replacement systems we design are 100% human hair and match all of your natural hair characteristics so precisely.  The system will be totally indistinguishable from your own hair.  We can make them so undetectable that you have to tell people you are wearing a hair system for them to even suspect.

George Gordiany is the owner and a master stylist that has been helping men gain back their hair for the last 20 years.  One of the keys to his recognized skillful styling and his ability to take a hair system, blend it perfectly into your existing hair.  Many companies do hair systems.  But, it is important to factor in the artistic skill of the stylist so that you not only get an undetectable look and feel, but you hair is styled to match the look you want. His clients will quickly tell you that George is simply the best.

What are the Basics?

Basically, individual human hairs are either tied or injected into a lace mesh or a clear poly base.  The lace mesh bases are made in skin-tone colors so they virtually disappear when placed on your head.  The clear poly base is sort of like plastic wrap, but more durable and designed so it doesn’t shine and becomes completely invisible when in place.

There are different bonding methods to hold the systems in place including temporary clips or tape, or a more permanent bonding directly to the scalp using medical grade glue.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t harm your scalp and it comes off!

The secret to the advanced technology of our systems it that they are all breathable.  So, even when permanently attached, your scalp can breathe and sweat just like normal.

Hair Replacement Systems of San Antonio

Options Available

There are many different options available, depending upon your unique situation, amount of hair loss, lifestyle, and what you want as an end result.  Rather than go into a long, detailed, technical explanation of all the choices (pros & cons), we will simply say that we will explain the truth about each option when you come in and then let you make the decision.  Nothing is hidden.  With all of our clients, we’ve found it’s an easy decision, once they know all the facts.  Then we will design the perfect system just for you.

Our clients demand and receive a hair loss solution that is undetectable, natural, and can accommodate the demands of their lifestyle.  Most importantly, it must look and act as if it was their own hair. That’s what we do best.

The technology we can offer you today, along with our hair care products, can give you the solution you are looking for today and everyday to come.  Hair Replacements by George Gordiany systems hair are undetectable because you can see every hair; you can actually see your scalp.  We will design a system that will blend perfectly with your existing hair; the wave, the pattern and the color. Many companies cannot claim this.

Our Difference

What makes us different is that we strive for perfection.  Only the finest quality materials and 100% human hair is used. Many of our clients are former clients of other companies who don’t do what we can – provide unique hair replacement systems that customized just for you.  We offer only the best alternatives for men with thinning hair and hair loss, with a passion and personal attention to detail that is so different than the “hair mills” that you may have already been exposed to.

One thing you will find refreshing, when you meet George, is that he knows the business and doesn’t try to “sell” you anything.  That is not his nature, and not the nature of our company.  He is also very conscious of the importance of providing hair replacement systems that are affordable without sacrificing anything in quality or look and feel.  If you compare our costs with other hair replacement companies, you will definitely see the value of choosing Hair Replacements by George Gordiany

Give us a call

Knowing the terms we use, will make it easier for you to understand how we analyze your hair and give you the advice so you can make solid choices when ordering your new hair system. We want it will look natural and feel comfortable.

For a more detailed explanation of any of our alternatives, and how they may work for you, give us a call.

Lace Front

Standard Lace Front

Poly front 3

Clear Poly Front

Clear Poly Front

Clear Poly Front 2

Differences Between Hair Types Used in Systems

There are three basic hair types used in the industry:

Synthetic hair is manmade and is essentially plastic. It is not a popular choice for a complete hair system due to the finished look, feel and lack of natural movement. It is however used quite often for gray hair blends. Up to 40% of the hair can be synthetic without compromising the look, feel and texture. This allows the hair piece to be colored if necessary without affecting the grey, since synthetic will not accept color.

Human hair is a term used loosely in the industry and generally refers to hair which is from Asia and has been chemically stripped of the cuticle (cuticle is the exterior armor plating of the hair). The hair is then treated with a silicone type of coating. In the beginning this hair is nice and silky soft, but as the coating wears off (8-10 washings), the hair loses its luster and silkiness. Because the cuticle is missing, the hair is greatly affected by the elements (chlorine, minerals in water, oxygen and sun light). These environmental factors make the hair’s color fade and it begins taking on a reddish tone.

European hair is hair that comes from a European country and has its natural cuticle intact. As mentioned above, the cuticle is the exterior armor plating of the hair. Cuticle ensures that the hair is strong, has shine, manageability, and color retention. This type of hair retains its natural movement and will flow like your own hair (especially important for those windy days). This is the best hair available and significantly contributes to an undetectable look.