Meet George

I am George Gordiany owner of Hair Replacement Systems by George Gordiany in San Antonio, Texas.  I have been a hairstylist and salon owner for 25 years and have been helping people reach their full potential with amazing hair styling results.  I have studied hair replacement at the famous Salon Joseph Paris of New York and am certified in all of the latest system technologies.

I understand what hair loss can means to men and women of all ages and the devastating effect it can have on your confidence and lifestyle.  I have become recognized as an expert at dealing with all types of hair loss solutions and have woven in my talent as a salon stylist so the final results of any hair system is like having back your own head of hair.

What you will find here, that is so different from anywhere else, is passion for the business, caring for each my clients like friends, and complete privacy and confidentiality.  I am a true perfectionist and take great pride in each of my designs and systems.  I realize each person’s problem is unique, and requires a personalized solution.  My ultimate goal is to make you look and feel as if you have a full head of your own hair that require virtually no maintenance.

The old terms of “hairpiece” or “wigs” are a thing of the past.  I specialize is a custom hair systems, fit perfectly to you.  Hair Replacement industry and technology has come a long way able to provide some absolutely amazing products.

If you are considering hair replacement for the first time, or you are dissatisfied with the poor results of your current provider, finding the right place can be a daunting experience.  There are dozens of companies talking about so many different products, systems and techniques; there is a lot of confusion.

The good news is that you have found the right place.  I have over 20 years experience supplying, fitting and styling custom hair systems.  My studio is conveniently located in the beautiful and secluded Los Patios in San Antonio, Texas.

Call me for and let’s discuss the possibilities.

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