Proven Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems

For Both Men and Women

Welcome to Hair Replacements by George Gordiany.  We know losing your hair can often be a traumatic and humiliating experience.  It can affect your confidence, well being and self-esteem deeply.  Hair Replacements by George Gordiany offers customized hair loss solutions with proven results for individuals with any type of hair loss including Androgenic Alopecia, Male or Female Pattern Baldness, and loss due to Chemotherapy Treatment, Stress related hair loss, Balding due chemical treatments, and Trichotillaomania.

We are dedicated to providing custom-tailored, totally undetectable, proven hair loss treatments.  Sometimes, that is a full hair system.  But many times, it’s a partial system to just fill in those bald or thinning areas while keeping as much of your own hair as possible.

Our goal is to not only restore your hair but restore your confidence by creating a flattering, natural look that fits your personal style and lifestyle.  We pride ourselves in offering industry leading technology, great customer service, a caring attitude, and a gifted stylist.  We have a private consultations and styling room to maintain your privacy in a discreet manner.


Hair loss is typically caused by a condition known as Alopecia, or pattern baldness.  It shows up as baldness or thinning hair around the crown area as well as receding hairlines and total baldness on the upper areas of the head.


What is a Hair System


It’s the Ultimate Alternative to expensive hair transplants and old style wigs.  A quality partial or full custom Hair System will blend perfectly into your existing hair and give you a natural looking, full head of hair that is what you need, where you need it


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Amazing hair designs using the latest technology available with proven results.  We specialize in the most undetectable lightweight systems with layered haircuts and pay special attention to the most natural looking hairline.


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We know women’s hair designs are a bit more challenging, but we have the latest technology, experience, and specialize in all hair styles, colors, and lengths.  Our systems are undetectable, lightweight incredibly natural looking.


Why Hair Replacements by George Gordiany

Over 20 Years of Experience

Are you experiencing male hair loss? Look no further than Hair Replacements by George Gordiany.  I have over 20 years experience supplying, fitting and styling hair systems.  With years of experience and each hair system being made to measure and cut and styled to personally suit you, we are confident that you will be surprised by the incredible results – at a cost that is less than you may think.

Private, Personal,Unique

There are many choices when looking for hair replacement centers. Almost everybody has heard of companies like Hair Club for Men. They are the largest Hair Replacement Club and operate as you would expect any large corporation. They are well advertised, but, they come at a price. They are expensive and don’t offer the real confidential and personalized service you expect and deserve.

State of the Art Technology

At Hair Replacements by George Gordiany, we use a wide range of state-of the-art systems and procedures that is guaranteed to restore your hair line and give you a full head of hair that is realistic and natural looking at an affordable price.  We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the current trends to bring you the most up-to-date, cutting edge techniques and hair systems available.

Experience and Success

20 years experience with thousands of clients.   Every day, new clients walk into our Hair Replacement Studio looking to change their lives.  Each has their own story and own reasons for wanting to restore the hair he used to have.  When they leave, they go back to their lives with something they thought they’d lost for good – their self-confidence and their self-esteem.

More than Just a Client

Many of our clients have also become our good friends over the years.  After all, they have something very important in common; they all suffered from hair loss…and they did something about it.  Having hair has changed all of their lives for the better.  You will sense our passion for our craft and our devotion to our guests the moment you step inside our salon.  Give us a call.


Because we are a small, private studio, we don’t have the overhead of the large. and highly-publicized companies.  Plus, we have great relationships with our manufacturers.

What you will find here, that is so different from anywhere else, is passion for the business, caring for each my clients like friends, and complete privacy and confidentiality.